GMX-Grunthal Motocross is located in Grunthal, Manitoba. We formed in May of 2010 to resurrect a once touted National circuit Motocross facility in Manitoba We are a non-profit organization.  We are a group of motocross riders with the passion to provide a place for families and friends to participate in motocross practice and race events in a safe and fun enviroment. We are volunteer based, so if you would like to see improvements, or have complaints, volunteering your time can help make GMX a better place for everyone!

We will be hosting our first race in September of 2010. This will be a non points race that will re-introduce the track back into the racing community.

For 2011, our goal is to be on the MMA circuit as well as host a couple of select events to bring the once national level track back to the level that it has the the potential to be.

About Us

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